Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Round the world trips

So far, I have traveled to some countries in this Earth:
Myanmar, Malaysia (many times), Singapore (three times), Thailand (many times), Laos, Cambodia,Philippine,  Vietnam, Australia (of course I  visited many places  coz I spent almost 10 percent of my life there).
Nepal (just returned), China (twice) including Hong Kong

According to Tripadvisor travel map, I have traveled to the 10 percent of this planet I still have a lot to catch...90 percent...I hope I can make at least 60 percent world trip including some countries in South and North America, Africa -middle East and Europe...

Next trip: Iran and Turkey....hope i can make these trips soon
inspired by Ryoko and Martha, two friends I met during my recent trip in Nepal


The view from the top of Srinagar Park in Tansen, Nepal

I am at the an ancient hill town Tansen which is  1400 meters above sea level. My British friend took this pic.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Bhairavsthan Temple, Tansen, Nepal

with some Nepali at Asia's biggest trident Bhairavsthan, Tansen, Nepal
I visited Tansen 15-17 May 2015